Bear visits California home to eat garbage and swim in pool

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A bear was seen on camera at a home in California eating trash and enjoying a swim in the backyard pool and hot tub after paying the residents a visit. The footage was captured by a security camera.

Alon Antebi of Chatsworth stated that his future wife, Mindie Hernandez, took video of the bear that was seen roaming around their home on Sunday.

According to Antebi, the bear has been seen roaming about the area on many occasions since Labor Day.

The bear, which the couple gave the nickname Baloo, can be seen in the video, which was taken from inside the house, picking through trash and eating pomegranates before making its way to the backyard.

After that, the bear got some exercise by swimming in the pool and then relaxing in the hot tub before finally leaving the area.

Antebi told the media, “Obviously, he’s a dangerous animal, so we have to be careful especially with our dogs, but we’ve been told by our security that animal control will not come unless [we’re] in immediate danger.”

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