Fact-check: Mother of 3 topping class 10 exam not from Karachi

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The news on Monday that a lady, a mother of three, had topped her class 10 examinations has been incredibly motivating for women and girls.

The Board of Intermediate Karachi (BIEK) first announced the news on Twitter along with a photo of the mother and her children, leading many people to assume that the woman was from Karachi.

Later, it was discovered that the BIEK account was a fake, and the lady behind it was neither Pakistani or a resident of Karachi, but rather a Kashmiri from Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

According to the Indian newspaper The Tribune, Sabrina Khaliq of Kupwara, IIOJK, won the class X bi-annual exams with a score of 93%.

 The report published on Friday, September 16, stated that the examination results were declared by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education earlier that week.

According to the article, Sabrina stopped studying after grade nine when she got married in 2013.

“I dedicated myself to the family and my children once I got married. I decided to pick up my studies again last year,” Sabrina was reported as saying.

The same was published in several other outlets, including NDTV.

Later, the BIEK also provided clarification, claiming no connections to the account that disseminated “false and unsubstantiated news conveyed with photographs” and apologising for the confusion.

BIEK denounced the inaccurate reporting that claimed the “fake” account was the official BIEK Twitter account.

Despite a BIEK official disputing the story, a news outlet published a piece with the heading “Inter board’s Twitter account leaked incomplete news.”

It’s interesting to note that the report’s following line explicitly states that the account in question is not that of the BIEK and that the image posted from it is really of a lady from the IIOJK, according to the statement.

According to the educational board, the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime unit and other relevant authorities have been alerted to take action against the phoney accounts propagating false material under the name of BIEK.

It also expressed optimism that the aforementioned news website would continue to produce news while keeping the standards of journalism in mind.

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